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Audio Mastering

The studio is equipped with a vast array of hardware and software tools from a variety of manufactures. Some of them emulate the sonic characteristics of Classic Vintage equipment such as the LA-2A and the 1176 Leveling Amplifiers, the Pultec EQ and the Fairchild 670. We can also use our Vintage Reel-to-Reels to add the warmth of analog tape to achieve that highly sought after tape saturation and compression sound.



The tools that we use for Mastering will also vary on each song. Of course the greatest tool we have is our ears and the training and experience in the use of these tools. What we do for a Rock CD is definitely different than what we do for an acoustic recording or a Jazz recording.
 Vintage Reel to Reels                    


Best of All

Mastering is included in the same project price as your mixing and recording session with our packages. You will also be provided with an un-mastered copy of your mixes in case you choose to go to another mastering facility.



What is Mastering?


We get asked this question on a daily basis.

Mastering is the final creative step in the audio production process.

This is the last chance before duplication to enhance your sound or polish the final mix so to speak. Exactly what we do will vary from song to song, artist to artist.

Mastering will effect part or all of the mix and not just an individual track such as the vocal or guitar.

Mastering usually involves one or more of the following procedures:

Optimize Levels ( Increasing Volume through Compression & Limiting)
Perform Final EQ Adjustments
Add Special Effects
Arrange Song Sequence

Add Digital silence between songs
Fade ins/Fade Outs
Remove Unwanted Silence
Add PQ Codes and ID Codes
Create Backup Copies
Create Red Book Standard CD for Duplication 


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