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Sound Works Studios can work as your personal Producer and Arranger for Songwriters, Vocalists, Musicians, and other Artists on anything from Demo Music to complete album projects.

Q: I am a Vocalists or Songwriter who needs a song arranged and produced.
A: We work with Vocalists and Songwriters who need their original music or cover music arranged and produced. We arrange your music to your musical style and create a professionally mastered recording of them.

Q: I am a Musician who needs professional help.
A: There are many talented musicians who have original music but need help creating a commercial quality arrangement and recording. In this case we arrange and record their original song and deliver a professionally produced and mastered recording for them.

Q: I need Music Mastered.
A: We have a full suite of tools to mix and master all types of music. We also have special tools and software for vocal mastering including pitch correction and harmony generation.

Q: I have MIDI Songs but need them Professionally Orchestrated and Recorded.
A: We have clients who have written music using basic MIDI tracks and sound cards, but who now need their song professionally recorded and produced. We have the advanced all-digital software samplers needed to create that "Live" recorded sound from your MIDI tracks.

Q: I don't fit these types, now what.
A: Please contact us and let us know what you need. We can most likely help you or know someone who can.


Our Current packages include:

Fully Arranged Music or Demos - There are several different versions depending on arrangement complexity, composition requirements, etc.. Please contact us so we can quote you a price. In all cases the song would feature your Vocals / Instruments.

Basic Demos - Basic Demos are primarily for Songwriters / Vocalists and feature your vocals with simple Piano or Guitar accompaniment.

Karaoke standards- Perfect for Singers who need a great demo to show off their vocal talents. Your vocals are recorded against high quality fully arranged karaoke standards. Karaoke standards are the least expensive option.

Original Composition - We can take your Lyrics and compose a song for you featuring your Lyrics. We can also work with you to Co-Write your song, or we can work with you to create an entirely new song complete with lyrics, melody and arrangement. We could then produce your song for you.

Without details of your project it isn't possible to accurately estimate the cost. Pop, R&B, Latin and Jazz as well as some Rock tend to be more expensive than Hip-Hop, Rap, Techno, or songs just needing beats and simple bass lines.

If you don't see your needs here please contact us - chances are we can help you.



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