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Packages & Rates:





Rate:  $50 first hour - min. 1 hour,

           $35/ hours 2-8

           $30/hr - after 9  hours


( $10 per song for archiving fee. )

Project Package Bid : Release all conceptions of time.  We'll give a solid project bid price. We will work with you in one or two pre-production meetings to develop clear project objectives and procedures. 

From these objectives, a price will be given enabling work without watching the clock. Express your passion without concern.



Our Current packages include:

Fully Arranged Music or Demos - There are several different versions depending on arrangement complexity, composition requirements, etc.. Please contact us so we can quote you a price. In all cases the Song would feature your Vocals / Instruments.

Basic Demos - Basic Demos are primarily for Songwriters / Vocalists and feature your vocals with simple Piano or Guitar accompaniment.

Karaoke standards- Perfect for Singers who need a great demo to show off you vocal talents. You vocals are recorded against high quality fully arranged karaoke standards. Karaoke standards are the least expensive option.

Original Composition - We can take your Lyrics and compose a song for you featuring your Lyrics. We can also work with you to Co-Write your song with you. Or we can work with you to create an entirely new song complete with lyrics, melody and arrangement. We could then produce your song for you.

In all cases discounts are available for 4 or more songs. Even larger discounts apply for full 8 or more songs (Album CD).

Without details of your project it isn't possible to say for sure what your project would cost. Pop, R&B, Latin and Jazz and some Rock tend to me more expensive than Hip-Hop, Rap, Techno, or songs just needing beats and simple bass lines.

If you don't see your needs here please contact us - chances are we can help you.


- Tips and info for the first time recording at Sound Works Studios: -

What is Set-Up?
Setting up instruments
Setting up mics
Setting up compressors and EQs (which helps us get the best sound for you)
Line check (Are we getting sound out of all the mics?)
Sound check (getting good levels)
Monitor headphone mix for band

What is Tracking?
Recording of scratch track -  (Everyone plays and is recorded, but the drums have to be right!)
Record overdubs
Fix any instrumental flubs
Double-up any instruments
Vocal overdubs and double-ups

What is Mixing?
Compressing and evening of tracks
De-noise - pulling out unwanted sound, such as...
    Sticks dropping,
    Breathing between phrases
EQing of tracks
Effects on tracks
Pan - stereo imaging of each track
Volume - rough and final automation

What is Mastering?
Finalizing - Exciting, Compressing, EQing . . .

What Do We Take Home?
We will burn one master disc for the client. If you need more discs and do not have a burner, we can suggest a reasonably-priced service bureau or print a short run for $1.25 per disc.


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